Train Ride Thoughts

I am in the train from Poznan to Szczecin. It's raining outside and honestly, Poland is the epitome of a bleak winter.

Currently staring at A ferociously scrolling his Facebook messenger, re-reading every single message and trying to analyse which text might have offended C. I read the messages and empathises C, because I've been in that position before, but I empathise A as well because he doesn't know what to do. C is annoyed that A doesn't sayang/ pacify her and tell her stuff like "C, you know all I want is to be there with you now." C is miles away from A and lives in a different time zone. They are both not native English speakers and I actually found it a tad difficult to understand the exchange of Facebook messengers but I sensed the frustration in both C and A.

C, and all of you out there who are doing a long-distance relationship, words are important but Love is a language that is felt. I've been re-reading my whatsapp messages with X like a romantic teen novel and it's splattered with cheesy lines like "hi can you please tell my girlfriend that I miss her?" and "I am the lucky one lah".

"Can you please do me a favour? Can you please not hurt me?"

Both A and I haven't slept for the past 35 hours. It's a miracle both of us are alive and are now attempting to talk about tomorrow's concert in Germany. Maybe this is our way of running away from our heartache.