Despacito (Malay Version)

When I first agreed to do this cover, I never expected for things to be so intense and quick. I said yes to Dzar's proposal to collaborate in a heartbeat- not sure whether that's a result of me wanting to drown myself with work or that was just my sleepy brain answering him. Lo and behold, we did the audio and video recording in two days, and the production team spent 3 sleepless nights, trying to piece everything together. 

This experience has truly been a wonderful one. I'm so blessed to be given this opportunity to collaborate with a creative team that understands that each and every one of us has our own strengths and we just have to play up to it. 

The Despacito (Malay version) tells a story of a couple who broke off their engagement because the male protagonist is not ready for marriage. The female lead is heartbroken that she has to break off the engagement but she feels that it is necessary because she needs someone who can guide her to the straight path. 

And we got featured on Berita Harian today! 

And we got featured on Berita Harian today! 

Work will work when nothing else works.